This is no April Fools Joke! I feel like a new Q-Tease. I was bored with my hair and decided to give blonde a shot. So far, I love being blonde. I can reassure you I will be going blonder within the next few weeks.

I should credit our Trivia bartender, Tiffany, because she inspired me to do the change. She gave me the information of the salon, Ania. It's located in the plaza next to the Price Chopper across from Crossgates Mall. The salon is cute and very modern. It offers several other services aside from hair services. I even used the same hairstylist she goes to, Cassie, who I absolutely love. I have definitely find myself a stylist keeper and she has given me so many reasons to go back.

I'm on a mission to go platinum blonde. I heard of all of the horror stories of girls destroying their hair in order to be blonde. This obviously was something I did not want to do. Thankfully, Cassie reassured me that my hair was incredibly healthy, which is a major relief.  I spent the entire day at the salon, literally 11am to 5:30pm. It was worth every minute, and every penny. Seriously, it cost a pretty penny. This is not something you want to do if you're going to change your color back in a couple weeks.