This is one of the most tragic stories we have had to report.  Late Tuesday night in Fort Edward, NY there was an accidental shooting, and a 13 year old boy lost his life.

Not the kind of story you want to hear first thing in the morning.   As a matter of fact, you never want to report the death of a child.  According to WNYT, two 13 year old boys were playing with a gun late last night in Fort Edward, when it accidentally went off.

The one 13 year old boy was fatally shot, and they suspect that his friend was the gunman.  Just one of the many reasons why you shouldn't leave loaded guns in your home.  Also why you need to keep your guns away from children.  As someone who grew up around people who hunted, I learned early on about gun safety.  Please, parents with guns, educate your children so we don't have another tragedy.