I don’t know the back story on this fight but I do know I hate this guy who tapped out in almost negative seconds. This dude is a total disgrace to the MMA game. I can only assume this dude knew that he would get paid regardless if he were to win or lose and using that knowledge decided to sissy out and avoid a broken face and still collect his paycheck.

This was a huge waste of everyone’s time, including the dude across the octagon from him who spent weeks dropping weight and training for this fight, only to touch gloves and head straight to the crummy after party. Crappy Buffalo wings and skunky beer just don’t have the same appeal when you didn’t get to punch someone in the face before you eat them.

The only way this dude’s super wimpy tap out is acceptable is if he pulled a sweet reverse dodge ball move. I like to imagine he placed a bet of about $300,000 on the other guy to win in the first min and then he tapped out before the bell even finished ringing and walked out a total puss but $3,000,000 richer. With that kind of money, you can buy a new reputation.