By now the news of the passing of Ann B. Davis (who played Alice on the Brady Bunch) has gotten around, and the info that she spent the first 3 years of her life in Schenectady. Over the weekend, a post on the Albany subbreddit asked if there were any other famous people around upstate. Many of the 'confirmations' were in the form of 'my uncle did electric work on so-and-so's house' which is as legit as I need it to be. Below is a compiled (read copy and pasted) list from the thread:

  • Uma Thurmen apparently has a home in Columbia County
  • Vin Diesel had a place in Dutches county
  • 60 minutes own Andy Rooney lived in Greene county
  • Cally from Battlestar Gallactica lives in Clifton Park (or at least used to)
  • Barry Melrose lives in Glens Falls I believe.
  • James McCaffrey (voice of Max Payne) lives somewhere around here. He's been in my store to buy smokes once or twice.
  • Liam Neeson lives in Millbrook, NY.
  • Tim Burton had a place near New Paltz (we used to trick or treat there in college always the Best decorated place around!)
  • Jimmy Fallon is from Saugerties and went to Saint Rose.
  • two of Flavor Flav's kids live in Loudonville and he occasionally takes them shopping at Crossgates.
  • JWoww :( is from East Greenbush.
  • LPGA golfer Dottie Pepper lives in Saratoga.
  • actress Karen Allen , used to live in Stephentown. My uncle did electrical work on her house.
  • Bill Parcells has a house in the Saratoga area as well.
  • William Devane (who plays president Heller on "24") has a house on Burden Lake, I'm told.
  • Kristanna Loken's (BloodRayne/Terminator 3) family owns that love apple farm across the river-
  • Oliver North graduated from Taconic Hills (the Ockawamick higschool). librarian use to show me the year book.

And that might just be the tip of the iceberg according to a New York Observer article. Did we miss any, are you living next to a celebrity and have yet to share?