Watch this wonderful display of family values as a drunk wife pulls up to her husband's DUI stop, and of course it gets better, because she has their son in the car with her.


From The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the family of the year, with multiple DWI chargers on their record, and I guess it's no surprise.

I know that alcohol clouds your judgement, but why would you pull up to the scene of your husband being pulled over while you're drunk?

Did this woman honestly think that her presence would somehow help the situation?

It certainly did, because they were both taken away in cuffs.

Why would you have your kid in the car while you are driving drunk?

Why do these people even have cars and a kid?

Well the kid I can understand, they were probably drunk when he was conceived.

Here is another good question, where are these people going?!?!

Definitely not an AA Meeting.

I feel that the worst part about this is when the woman say "Good Bye" to her son as she is being arrested and they all act like it is a everyday occurrence.

This one is definitely a fun one to share around the office, and don't feel bad for these people, they don't seem to care.