Queens, New York City's newest rock quartet Eve to Adam, released their debut album, Banquet for a Starving Dog, on September 13, 2011. I've given it a thorough listen and am impressed. By the sound of them, and their success thus far, I can see the band becoming pretty big in the rock world within the next few years.

The 12-track record immediately grabbed me with its fast and catchy sound and lyrics. The album opens with their first single "Run Your Mouth," and the duration of the album includes simply-named lyrics that are sung in their respective songs. Each song has the same format: instrumental openings, stanzas and choruses and then an instrumental closing. The sounds do get a little jumbled at times, but it's overall a good album. The band, which includes two brothers, fit in with the rock music of today, as they sound similar to the biggest names in music today: Theory of a Deadman, Papa Roach, Trapt, Three Days Grace, etc. The frontman's voice is pure, clean and fresh, and stands out against supporting instrumentals that really make each song pop.

The quartet have already had a successful run, as they have supported bands  such as Motley Crue, Chris Daughtry, P.O.D, Saliva and 3 Doors Down in sold-out shows across the nation. Currently, the band is getting ready for their tour with Tantric, which kicks off November 19 in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this semi-local band as they continue to recruit fans all over the United States with their contagious sound, energy and talent.

I give this albm three-and-a-half guitars!

Check out the video for their song "Run Your Mouth"