It seems like we are being forced into 3D everything these days.  Television is making it an option, and it's making a huge comeback at the movies.  Now, even video games are being made 3D.

I don't know about most of you, but I for one am totally sick of all this 3D nonsense.  We are being bombarded by it no matter what type of media we want to enjoy (except radio).  When I saw that 3D was starting to hit the theaters again I was like, ok lets just wait for it to fail again, except it's still here!  I hate going to see movies in 3D because I am forced to wear stupid glasses the whole time.  I already wear glasses, so I have to put these big dorky ones over my everyday ones and it's just inconvenient.  Not only do you have to wear stupid glasses, it's also a jacked up price!  I now have to pay close to $15 per ticket to go to a movie and on top of that I am forced to wear glasses on top of my glasses?  No thank you.  I am just happy that studios are finally releasing both 3D and 2D because I was clearly not the only one annoyed by this.

The next 3D thing they started to shove down out throats was 3D television.  More than just strapping on a pair of glasses you need a 3D television and special glasses.  Those special glasses cost $60 bucks a pop.  Waste of money?  You bet it is.  You would also have to invest in a 3D cable or satellite box so you can enjoy the programming.  It is just getting to be ridiculous.  Now I read that Nintendo is releasing the 3DS, the 3D version of their hand held DS system.  Really Nintendo?  So far only 18 3D games are set to go with it, and no Mario.  That's a whole other beef that I will have to get into later.  3D is a giant waste of time, and surprise, surprise it looks like the price of the 3D video games will be more than the regular ones.  If you are interested in this latest 3D rip off, it goes on sale March 27.