Easter is right round the corner and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than hiding decorative eggs all around the house and yard. I've only participated in a handful of Easter egg hunts but that was enough for me to learn they are a BAD IDEA. 

Number one reason Easter egg hunts are a bad idea is that they create confusion for children. Until the age of 12 I thought rabbits could lay eggs. Rabbits in my stupid kid mind didn't just lay eggs but they laid beautiful decorative eggs that somehow were hard-boiled. This was confusing to young Dalton because I couldn't help but to wonder "how do we get more bunnies if all their eggs are cooked?"

Also, when someone decided to have an Easter egg hunt did they ever consider the backlash when some of the eggs are not discovered? "Let's hide a bunch of stuff around the house but let's make it something that will spoil and smell bad when it's not found." I suppose that is some of the appeal to an Easter egg hunt. I've often considered an activity not worthwhile unless there is some sort of risk involved.