The team at Techland are hard at work, building all of the nocturnal scares in Dying Light, but an update reveals that the release date for the game had to be pushed back.

An announcement on the Dying Light website reveals that the official release window has been set for February 2015, a few months later than originally thought. The team at Techland is dedicated to bringing the gaming public a terror-filled game with "a freedom of movement unprecedented in open world games." Techland is apparently close to realizing their vision, therefore more time is needed to completing their goals.

The team ensures fans that the "Natural Movement" element of Dying Light will "change what you expect from the genre," which is why they don't want to rush anything or release the game too early, thereby killing off all the potential it could have had.

While the release date has been pushed further back, the team promises that there will be a lot more of Dying Light revealed next month at E3 2014.