Zane was once again victorious, so the pot for Dumber than Zane Trivia has risen to $4400!

It seems like it's so rare when Zane loses at his weekly trivia bout against listeners, but it has been months since he has dropped a game. This week was no different.  He was once again successful and the pot has grown by $400.

The pot is up to $4400 for next Thursday morning and that is a lot of green!  Personally I love when the pot grows to a crazy amount.  In the past they have had it over $8000 only to see Zane lose.  I am pulling for Zane so we can see it get to record numbers.

Make sure you are bringing you're A game next week!  If you want to win cash, it's the only way to take down the trivia king. If you're looking for a warm up round to Thursday's Dumber Than Zane then head up to Smarter Than a Q-Tease on Wednesday night from 7p-9p at the City Sports grill in Clifton Park and test your knowledge against the girls!  Plus that's also a shot at some awesome prizes!