If this dude was only dared to eat these eggs and died then he’s a dummy. However, if he was double dog dared, then he had no choice and I feel sorry for him.

The Huffiginton Post reported that earlier this week a 20 year old Tunisian man was dared by a friend to swallow 28 raw eggs whole. Although the article is not clear if the shells had to be consumed or not I’m going to go ahead now and spread the rumor that yes they did. After completing the task they said the 20 year old felt stomach pains and died shortly after heading to the hospital.

I’m not certain why this bro really died. I eat at least two raw eggs every morning to amp up my protein intake. If it’s good enough for Rocky then it’s good enough for me. Yea sure Rocky is a fictional character but the eggs I eat are very real! My guess is this Tunisian dude who died from eating all this raw protein died from being a sissy. Something tells me his body wasn’t ready for him to star getting all pumped and jacked.

This egg eating dare also gives me a great idea for a radio contest. I plan on doing something similar to this but maybe up the stakes a bit. I only wish i was a chick so i could hit my menstruation cycle and make this contest a little more interesting. Chicken eggs are for kids!