Should you be allowed to spend money when you’re super drunk? There are limitations for driving a car and getting on to an air plane, so why not spending your cash?

According to NY Daily News some dude blew nearly $28,000 at the hustler club in New York City. This “high roller” is claiming he shouldn’t have to pay the $28,000 because he was “too drunk to make financial transactions”. Part of me feels bad for this guy and agrees with him however even in my most drunk state I would not be able to spend 30 K. Even drunk Dalton knows he doesn’t have $30K.

However I do think some limitations for drunk spending should be set for protection of our selves. If I am hammered I should be allowed to by a slice of crappy pizza yes, but I should not be allowed to by a boat. It the purchase is big enough to sign paper work for maybe drunken people shouldn’t be allowed to buy it. But tattoos should always be aloud so drunk people can have giant reminders of how stupid they can act.