The Magic of Rahat Youtube channel run by a guy named Rahat, has been round for a while. His more popular stunts involves him dressing up like a car seat so that it looks like no one is driving the car. This time he add a skeleton in to the mix.

With it being that time of the year when candy is pushed to the front of the stores and houses are decked out in Halloween decorations. I had low expectations for yet another driverless car prank video. But because he added a larger fear element to the concept, I had to watch.

Surprisingly this video was actually funny. Much like the driverless car prank, Rahat hides behind a cover he puts over himself to look like a he is part of the car seat, but this time he places a skeleton on himself. Now that it looks like a skeleton is driving the car, he pulls up to a fast-food drive thru and films the employee reactions.


Check out the reactions here: