In a game of swift muay thai kicks to the groin, there are no real winners. Except for the audience. The audience and people who watch the replay online. They are the true winners.  This is a fight that ends in a double KO after each fighter is hit directly in the ding-dong.

There are so many things bizarre about this video, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll just focus mainly on the bean bag shot. That and how this fight takes place in a church.

“…the hope is through the fight I can create a relationship with the person I am fighting and extend Christ to him…”

This is a brilliant idea. I know that when I am getting punched repeatedly in the face, Jesus is the first thing I think of. No. 1 thought: Jesus. No. 2 thought: stop punching me! No. 3 thought: Nachos.

“If I win the fight it’s because God gave me that fight. It’s not because of anything I’ve done. It’s already been decided who won. You just wait to find out what happens…”

I have to admit, a powerful double kick to the nads is a pretty sweet act of God.

Side note: I am from the city in which this video takes place... Does that mean there is a target on my crotch too?