No way can anyone blame this dolphin. After watching this video it is clear that this little brat was totally asking for it!  

I know it has been said that dolphins are highly intelligent animals. Mostly everything I know about dolphins I learned from playing the game Echo for my Sega Game Gear and yes, that dolphin was super smart. Echo found his way through dark caves and traveled to different dimensions. How is that not brilliant?

As far as this dolphin at SeaWorld biting this girl's arm goes, it’s completely not his fault. You can’t dangle your delicious looking little kid arm over a dolphin's face and except to keep it. First of all, she has been handling dead fish and already contains that sent. Second, she’s a little girl and probably has other sticky stuff like syrup or melted Popsicle all over her. Adding those sugars to the scent of dead fish makes this little girl's arm smell more irresistible to the dolphin than Bella’s blood to vampire Edward. And yeah, that was a Twilight reference, What up!?!

Bottom line, this girl smells like food and if you see at marker [00:20] this girl is completely teasing and ignoring the dolphin right in front of her. Don’t mess with the dolphin and the dolphin won’t bite your deliciously tender little kid arm off. Simple rule!