If you are wrongfully accused, wouldn't it be nice to have a successful rock band help you with legal expenses? Disturbed is doing exactly that.  They are selling a unreleased track online to help three men who the band say have been wrongly jailed for murder.

The three men, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley known as the West Memphis Three (wm3) were sentenced to jail in 1993.  However recent forensic evidence was revealed that there is no connection to the murder.  A retrial was ordered but by the time it starts the men will have spent another year behind bars and the trio have to pay out of pocket to get the re-testing done.

David Draiman and Disturbed say:

For nearly 18 years the West Memphis Three have been imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit. They were condemned by their property, incompetent defence, Satanic panic and a rush to judgement by the media.

When three boys were discovered mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, officers coerced an error-filled ‘confession’ from Jessie, a mentally handicapped teenager.

They questioned him for hours without counsel or parental consent, only taping two 46-minute fragments. Jessie recanted his statement the same night, but Jason and Damien were arrested and have been in jail ever since.

According to the police,  no physical evidence, murder weapon or connection between accused and victims to support the arrests. But the media clung to the notion that the killings were part of a Satanic ritual, and because Damien is a fan of heavy metal, standard bigoted attitudes overruled any chance of a fair trial.

Disturbed is offering a previously unreleased track "3" for 99 cents to help support the cause and massive bill it will take for the prove they are innocent.  Help free the three.

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