Let it be known that chivalry lives!

There is no better way to say “I love you” than saying it while police officers tackle you to the ground. Justin Harrel is a prime example of how to present yourself as “the total package."

“An officer spotted Justin Harrel of Elk City in a local park last Friday and discovered that he had outstanding warrants out of two counties for obtaining cash or merchandise by bogus check, according to court documents.

Police said Harrel resisted arrest at first… When the officer took him into custody, Harrel explained that he was about to propose to his girlfriend and asked if he could go ahead with the proposal.

The officer allowed Harrel to complete the marriage proposal, and Harrel's girlfriend eventually said yes. Harrel then asked the officer to get the engagement ring from his coat pocket and give it to her.” –HP

Nothing says I will take care of you more than being in handcuffs, about to be taken to jail.

The next time you think you are being romantic by buying your lady some flowers or taking her out for dinner, just know there is a real man out there willing to put it all on the line while being obtained by the law. Justin Harrel, you are a true example of American romance!