If you've already been out to the theater to see A Good Day to Die Hard, but are still wanting some more action, you can join them! In DIE HARD, from Fox Digital Entertainment, young Jack McClane and dear 'ol dad are ready to kick some more Russian butt. We here at Arcade Sushi thought the game was worth a look when we reviewed it recently. And now that it's free, you should definitely look into getting DIE HARD -- today's Free App of the Day!

So are you ready to take on more ruthless mobsters, elite commandos and shadowy politicians? Because that's what Russia has in store for you. DIE HARD plays like a combination of an endless runner and a third person shooter game.

You get to play as Jack McClane, the son of NYC supercop John McClane. Son and father are the only things standing between nuclear terrorism and the rest of the world. Fight your way out of Moscow and to the wastelands of Chernobyl in order to save the world from the big one. Keep moving and stay alive as long as you can!

Let out a yippee ki-yay! and download yourself a copy of DIE HARD today for your iPhone and iPad!