A man with a fuzzy belly, a Latvian Oak, Green Ant and a chick with a mask? If you didn’t attend the Wrestling is Awesome show in Troy NY then you simply missed out on all this!

As your party peacock every afternoon on Q103 I feel it is my duty to keep you informed in all the shenanigans I take part in on the weekends. Yes I pump your air waves full of abortion jokes every afternoon but on the weekends I am a professional wrestler.

Wrestling is Awesome came to town and I participated in the event. Those who made it out to the show, I thank you for taking part. Everyone who didn’t get to the event should check out the above video to see the action you missed out on.

Wrestling is Awesome will be returning to the Albany area in March 2013. However, if you are impatient and really want to see this party peacock in action I will be wrestling for another company in the Albany area January 13th 2013. Come check me out at 787 Wrestling and help support your local independent wrestlers.