The Capital Region has be the set for many movies, some you will know and others you would't. Do you recall these?

I think so many movies get filmed here in the Capital Region just due to how much history we have. On top of that many historic or at least historic looking buildings in both Troy, Schenectady and Albany. Here is a short list of a few movies you may not have known were filmed in the Capital Region.

  1. PLACE BEYOND THE PINES: There is no way this movie cannot top this list. I mean the title of it is the meaning of Schenectady. Also arguably the biggest movie to be filmed here. If you haven't watched this one I suggest you do. Very good flick.
  2. THE EMPERORS CLUB: This is actually a movie I don't know much about but it was filmed at this historic first ever all girls school in the country Emma Willard. It also starred Kevin Kline who actually was filmed for than once in our region.
  3. SCENT OF A WOMAN: I personally love this movie. Could be seen as a chick flick but I don't care. One name should add this to anyone's movie queue, Al Pacino. This movie also had scenes filmed at Emma Willard in Troy.
  4. SEABISCUIT: Another movie I have not seen. This one is about one of the biggest stories in horse racing history and you can't have a movie centered around horses with out our hallowed Saratoga Race Course in it.
  5. SALT: I remember knowing this was being filmed in Albany and was so giddy to actually watch the movie. Albany was the backdrop and was supposed to be Washington DC. You can sit here and call it SmAlbany all you want, we apparently look like DC.

I found these from an article Siena posted a few years ago and the full list is in the link below.