The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, could not of picked a better week to go on vacation, because the MTV Video Music Awards were last night, and I am finding it hard to even care.


When I found out this morning that the MTV Video Music Awards were last night, I didn't feel like any less of a journalist, or any less of a media troll, because MTV no longer caters to the Q103 demographic.

The last time I willingly watched MTV was when they brought back Beavis and Butthead, and when they canceled it after 1 season, because it did not get the ratings that MTV expected it would, they canceled my interest in watching MTV.

Sometimes when I am channel surfing, or more like: Guide Scanning, and I see what is on MTV, all that I see are Reality Shows and takeovers by some apparent 'Recording Artist' that I don't care for, however I am warming up to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, but not for their music.

I keep seeing the headlines of what happened last night at their little award show and I still don't care.

"Miley Cyrus hosted!" I don't care.

"Nicki Minaj calls out Miley." That's nice, what was Nicki Minaj wearing?

"Kanye announced that he is running for office." Sure.....

"Taylor Swift wins most of the awards." I give it two more years until she starts to fade.

"Justin Bieber cries on stage." He's still alive?

What do all of these headlines have in common?

They have nothing to do with music, and of the celebrities mentioned in these headlines are not a part of the Q103 format.

There is a video of Corey Taylor's response to what Kanye West had to say, but that is about it.

In conclusion MTV sucks, and the VMAs are not important.