Joe hit it out of the park today!  Once again he gets national news coverage while wearing that infamous pink t-shirt.

We have now hit day number 3 of Producer Joe live from London, England.  Today was a big day for him as he made appearances on CNN, The Today Show, FOX news and the BBC.  I thought it was crazy when we saw him in LA at the Lindsay Lohan trial, but this is incredible.

Once again he was donning that pink t-shirt and holding a sign proclaiming his love for the Royal Wedding.  This is a day before the actual wedding takes place, can you imagine what he will be bringing to the table tomorrow?  I can't wait to see what goes down as the wedding takes place.  I don't know if Joe will be able to make it very close tomorrow as security is absolutely crazy right now.

Tune in tomorrow morning for the exciting end to Producer Joe and Steve's epic adventure to London for the big wedding.

Joe on CNN:

Joe on FOX and Friends: