Who the hell is Danny J? Well my friends, Danny J has an advice 'show' on YouTube entitled 'Dump That Hoe'. YouTube users far and wide send Danny questions and he essentially gives them advice. What do you do when your girlfriend sleeps with your brother? Dump That Hoe!

Danny, Danny, Danny: You hooked me man. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the expressions you make between questions and answers that make me laugh out loud? Maybe it's your fake Irish roommate and his fake Irish accent who chimes in with F off that makes me laugh? Maybe it's the tone in your 'YouTube video guy voice' that literally makes me sit back, shake my head and say 'I don't know what it is, but this ish is funny'.


You know what? I figured it out. A few days ago Dalton was talking about his comedic ability and how he's the funniest guy in the building and that's what it is. My comedic sense is like a piece of pizza from a 'Pizza and Fried Chicken' joint in the ghetto: Not good!

So maybe I find a random dude sitting alone in his closet giving out 'Dump That Hoe' advice stellar? You know what though, I accept it! With a standard go-to joke like 'Why didn't the chicken cross the road'- how could I be funny? I mean, comics tell me to keep my day job. That's it, I'm not funny.

Enjoy your weekend.



Dalton plays Maria or Medea this afternoon for In This Moment tickets. Now that's funny! Listen live here!