When I conjured up this hypothetical poll I assumed the hottest most half naked chick in porn would be taking home the 'Pump or Dump' crown for weeks on end. Seriously, I had no idea a 'regular chick' (for lack of a better term) would catch your eye, and stay there. Like, right up in it.

Then again, the 'regular chick' I speak of is none other than Danielle Harris- you know, the chick from a bunch of Halloween flicks, and of course, looks about as hot as hot can be. Hold on, correction: Hot is a terrible word to describe Danielle, honestly. Fire! That's it.

Q103Albany Screenshot

Isis Taylor (with her bubble porn butt) didn't stand a chance, really. Then again, Isis has been seen in so many compromising positions, there isn't anything left to the imagination. That's where Danielle reigns supreme, and frankly, keeps you voting for her, in my opinion.

Isis,  No worries girlie, I'm sure your movies will still continue to sell. :-)


Tonight's Main Event:

Danielle Harris is going for 5 straight days as your hypothetical 'Pump'. There's nothing more to say about Danielle. She's on fire right now. Meanwhile, on the other side: Welcome self proclaimed 'Model, actress, and all around cool chick', Sophie Turner, who by the way is Aussie (accent-yes!) and has no issues tweeting pics of herself all day, everyday.

Ding Ding Ding!!!