Cowboys running back Tashard Choice is catching criticism from fans after asking Eagles QB Michael Vick for his autograph after the game, but whats the big deal?

Tashard Choice is in trouble with fans today after his public autograph session with Eagles QB Michael Vick after the Eagles 30-27 win in Dallas last night.

So the guy asked for an autograph?  Whats all the fuss about?  A lot of Cowboy fans are outraged today because of it.  Maybe he could have picked a better time to do it or a more private place to do it but bottom line is he didn't do anything wrong.

Dallas head coach Jason Garrett said today that he isn't mad about Choice asking for the autograph but in the future he hopes that his players chose a better time to do it, perhaps off the field and away from the cameras.  I think what it all comes down to is that we are all fans, even the super star athletes. So lets cut him a little slack. Besides, it was for his son not him.