As a recently single man back on the market after the better part of a decade, ol' Monte has found a cure to the blues, boredom and dating problems.  There is this wonderful machine, the new love of my life, the Redbox.

The dating scene has changed these days, I'm too old to be scoping out ladies in the bar, I haven't quite mastered this fad called the internet so a dating website is out of the mix and I'll be honest, I thought Twitter was dirty word heard only in movies that starred Sasha Grey.  When I was worried how to occupy my time or where to even take a lady out on a date, I bump into one of these Redbox machines.

Redbox is machine  full of DVDs ready to dispense two hours of pure enjoyment into my hand for the low cost of a buck a day. Movies just released onto DVD or a few old classics I haven't seen in a while, all just an easy click away.  I don't have a video gaming system to watch movies online and to this day I haven't even downloaded a song onto this MP3 player I have (does anyone else miss Cassette tapes?) let alone figure out how to watch a movie on my Tandy 1000. I can't imagine how many times I've passed one of these delights while in a relationship and didn't have time to appreciate their full value in life.

Think about this, for two dollars, I was able to keep my mind off the ladies for four hours last night while watching Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr and Zack Galifianakis which was more or less a hilarious updated version of John Candy and Steve Martin's Plans Trains and Automobiles. I moved on to The Town, a killer movie about Boston heists with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner.  Did I have to pay $10 for a movie ticket? No.  $8 for popcorn? Nope.  Have a random stranger find me crying into my $6.50 soda pop at the movie theatre?  Nuh uh :) 

If you're in the same boat as myself, I've compiled a list of local Redbox locations for you. Mind you there are hundreds in the area! However, here are some of my local faves:

Price Choppper: 40 Deleware Ave in Albany

Price Chopper: 1060 Madison Ave in Albany

Price Chopper: 79 Vandenbrugh Ave in Troy

Hannaford: 900 Central Ave in Albany

Hannaford: 592 Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush

Hannaford: 2967 State Route 9H in Kinderhook

Cumberland Farms: 68 Rt 9W in Glenmont

ShopRite: 70 Healy Blvd in Hudson

For a full list of locations, just type your zip code in to the search box on and pick a hot spot.  You can also reserve DVDs online if you're good at this internet thing!  Tonight, I'll see how Tron Legacy and 127 Hours treats me.  Perhaps I'll meet a lady at the Rebox tonight and I can invite her over to watch Wedding Crashers while my mom makes us some meatloaf.  MOM!  THE MEATLOAF!