The following verbiage is proof positive why I do not, and refuse, to become a mobile DJ. I don't even care that the cash is sick and there's a good chance many-a-lady want to 'hang' with you after an alcohol infused party. None of that matters to me and here's why.

So, dude is DJing a 30th birthday bash at an Irish pub out in Wisconsin when out of no where the lady who organized the party and friend of the birthday boy starting going nuts on the DJ.

I mean, she went so crazy that the bloody man had to call 911 reporting that the lady was so pissed at his song selection that she started punching him and destroying his equipment. Broken headphones, microphone, wrecked laptop- She went bananas!

When it was all said and done the birthday boy said his party was ruined, obviously. As for the lady who went crazy? Cops are still looking for her ready to arrest on a variety of charges.

Who cares about the money and possible poon action when you have birthday organizer/party ruin-er running around cause you may have played a song that made her think of her last bf, whom she probably beat the snot out of for god knows what.