I remember, it must have been a month ago, a dude here at work lost a crisp $100 bill. It was all the rage around here. Think about it: 'Hey, anyone see my crispy Ben Frank floating around? If so, please return it?' Most of us are good people. Most of us would've instantly returned it. Did dude get his loot back? Negative! It sucks too. He's a good dude who made a mistake and unfortunately never saw his cash again.

Kinda like this dude:


Craigslist Screenshot

What do you think someone in Delmar who found this $100 bill is doing? You think that person is like:

Oh s---, I should probably check CL and see if someone needs this back?

Not a f------ chance. First off, that Ben Frank is probably half way to PA, thanks to the crazy wind around here. Second, that thing has been spent. End of story, not a chance of retrieval.

Dude, why did you even bother? We're all hard working- But a nice free $100 bill found on the ground- Well, that's like a crackhead finding a 50 rock in their back pocket- It is GONE!

Who knows though, maybe someone saw this and decided to send dude some cash? Maybe lots of people have viewed this and sent cash? Maybe I'm in the wrong profession?