Most our elders had to endure a lot of hard ships in their lifetime and are deserving of our respect. But some are just plain ol' pain in the butt and shouldn't be allowed in public during peak business hours.

71 year old William Moody is one of these cases. At what we're guessing was 3pm friday afternoon Mr. Moody and his wife decided to go out for a late dinner. Only to find that there was a car accident in front of their house and some mischievous rapscallion maliciously block the Moody driveway. These scoundrels made the Moody's wait over ten minuets while they treacherously save peoples lives.

This lead to ol' Willy freaking out to the point the coppers tried to arrest him. During the quarrel William faked a heart attack, as the flatfoots relented the geriatric thespian jump to his feet and at one point throwing his dentures at authorities. Looks like someone is ready for a retirement community.