It seems as though the greasy breakfast staple that we've all grown to love, and love and love is as big as ever. There are signs everywhere showing our passion for bacon: 'Keep Calm and Eat Bacon' is just one floating around here. Hello, there's even the Bacon Brothers (I know that's their last name, but still) touring around the country playing their music. Yes, we all love bacon but what if you had to choose between Bacon or Oral? Which route would you take? Stopped you dead in your tracks didn't I?

Frankly, it stopped a ton of people dead in their tracks, especially last night, when I asked that very same question on Facebook:


There's a time when you say to yourself: 'I hope this never happens.' And this is that time: Blaine, I'm so sorry!


Megan, I couldn't disagree more with you. In fact, you seem overly happy about your choice. I'm sorry!


Amy: High Five and I couldn't agree more with you!


Oops, Megan is back with clarification, along with some help from Jennifer. Glad to see you changed your mind Megan ;-)


You know something, Larry makes a great point. Oral would not make for a yummy add on to any B.L.T. However, you could always substitute turkey bacon for real bacon. Food for thought!


As a dude I feel like I couldn't make a choice between the two. Hold on, yeah I can: Oral all day for me. Larry, make the right decision my friend- Again, there's always turkey bacon ;-)


At first I thought to myself: 'Jerry is right'. Then I realized, my decision took all of 10 minutes, which seems kind of lengthy. Then again, bacon is consistently great and well, yeah, that 'other' thing varies by the person.


Overall, most ladies went with leaving out bacon for great experiences in the bedroom. Cheers to that ladies!


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