We post a lot of superhero and villain cosplay around here, so how about a change of pace? This 'Corpse Bride' cosplay inspired by Tim Burton's movie is eerie and ethereal.

Miyori Cartman is a 21 year old cosplayer living in Russia, and she loves everything from 'Adventure Time' to anime and 'Game of Thrones,' and yes, even movies. We really love her take on Tim Burton's stop-motion animated feature 'Corpse Bride,' which involves this intricately designed wedding gown, and we can't even imagine the work that went into making it.

She did various photo shoots in the ensemble, painting her skin that deadly shade of blue and adding a scabby touch to her face. The make-up seals the deal with this cosplay, highlighting Miyori's delicate features, which really do look similar to the real 'Corpse Bride.'  To top it all off, she had these photos taken outside in the snowy winter among the dead trees.

Check out some photos of Miyori's cosplay below, or head over to her DeviantArt page to browse some of her other creations:

All photos courtesy Miyori Cartman

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