In honor of Memorial Day, we just had to post this gorgeous lady Captain America -- what's more patriotic than the stars and stripes?

Model Stephanie Castro cosplays as the ultimate model citizen, Steve Rogers/Captain America, and the results are quite charming. Stephanie does a lot of vintage-style and pin-up work, and we're smitten with her vintage -- and female! -- take on the star-spangled hero.

In Steve Rogers' hey day, pin-up girls were all the rage for lonely soldiers abroad -- a way to get a little taste of home and to feel honored. Often, pin-up calendars and photos were made and taken specifically for soldiers abroad to help keep their spirits up in dire times. This idea makes Stephanie's cosplay particularly novel because she's taking the idea of a classic pin-up girl and mashing it up with a classic hero who was, fictionally, a soldier during the same time that pin-up girls gained massive popularity. It's cheeky and smart, for sure, but her costume is also divine!

We really love the work she did on the top piece, going for a more detailed and textured look rather than just slapping on a red, white, and blue corset. Her attention to detail and her accessories (especially the helmet, which totally rocks) really make Stephanie's costume shine.

Check out some pics below, or head over to her Facebook page for more.

Nunag Photo
Estrada Photography

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