On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played the audio from Bill Cosby finally responding to all of the rape allegations against him, if you listen real closely to his riddles you can find the hidden message. 


I don't know if that was a yes or a no, then again I guess Bill gets that allot from people, especially woman.

In Bill's defense he never said how he was going to answer the questions and I am not sure if he is really aware of what he is being accused of yet. I think that someone may of slipped something in his drink before the interview, because he is not really making much sense, I hope someone called him a cab, or gave him a ride home.

The folks at Nightline must have known that this interview was not going to clear anything up and that Cosby was not going to really answer questions, maybe if they gave him a sandwich.

Speaking of Bill Cosby and Stand Up Comedians....

Here is me!

Dan America!

(Video NSFW)