So today the guys on the Free Beer And Hot Wings show talked about a story that abcnews did. This story was about what kids wished for on Christmas 100 years ago and compared to today's kids.And the came to the conclusion that the kids of 1913 were really boring, and the kids of today are spoiled with technology.

Most things that kids ask for in the early 1900's, would be things kids now can find in their stockings on Christmas morning. With candy popping in on the number 1 most asked for gift in 1913. You would have to assume that kids back then had low expectations for this holiday. Also on the top 10 list from 1913 nuts(#2), mittens/gloves (#5), oranges(#7), books(#8), and Handkerchiefs (#9)

Now lets look at what the kids are asking for today. The Furby Boom leads the way in the number 1 spot. This demonic looking toy has it's own personality depending on how you treat it. You also have to feed the Furby boom, by using your iOS device to fling food at it. Just a little more maintenance than candy. Number two on the list is a toy called Teksta Robotic Puppy. This useless piece of plastic is know for being like a real dog.

Here is what the Teksta site had to say about their product:

Pets are lovable, affectionate and worth devoting your valuable time for. However, with the way the world works today, taking care of your pet is a cumbersome task at stake. You’ve got to feed it, take it for a walk, ensure that it is healthy and sound and above all, clean its poop! Yes, you got it right – Your love for pets comes at a priceand the price is huge, considering the amount of time and energy involved. So, does that mean you can never have a pet?

You can now have all the advantages of a real pet with out all the hassles. No need for the real thing.

Also on the list the Flying Fairy(#4), Bug Hug Elmo (#5), and the Giggly Monkey (#7).

With technology we take the good with the bad. It's awesome to take our left overs out of the refrigerator and pop in the microwave oven and have a meals with in just a few minutes. And never forget that if your kid doesn't have enough friends you can always just buy them one. Just $40.00 for a Furby and $90.00 for a Teksta.