According to The Department of Homeland Security, the now infamous color coded terror alert we have become accustomed to is going to be ending.So for about 10 years now we have been keeping track of how safe we are by the simple terror alert chart.  I have never seen it move above "High", so we have pretty much been in that orange area since 9/11.  Now though, it seems that the Department of Homeland Security has realized just how silly the whole color coded system actually is.  Now don't fear, they are still going to be keeping us informed in case we are in any kind of immediate danger.  They are currently working on a new system that will be a lot less vague.  The new alert system will be able to keep track of certain geological areas and update them on their status.  So where as New York City may be at a significant risk for an attack being that it is such a large place, Green Bay Wisconsin is probably going to be just fine. That is unless the Packers lose the Super Bowl, then everybody watch out.

I only hope that Osama Bin Ladin isn't chilling in his cave surfing the net and seeing this post.  "Hey guys look, they totally dropped the ball!  Looks like they now have no idea if we are coming or not now!  Lets move out!" I seriously hope that the new system is a better working, less mocked and in general more efficient.  I know there are a lot of countries out there that hate America and yes we are at risk of a terror attack at any moment.  But so is anyone else.  England, France, Spain, they have all been hit within the last 10 years by Al Qaeda as well.  Turns out these guys are equal opportunity haters so maybe some sort of world alert will be set up.