With temps only reaching into the teens for the rest of the week, it's essential that one bundles up, right? Hat, gloves and multiple layers will assure warmth as a blast of 'winter' hits the Albany area. BTW, while we're used to 'cold' temps, how long has it been since we've seen the frigid temps we're about to see? It's been awhile right? Imagine being stuck outside in it? Burrrrr.....

Do me a favor? Head outside in your boxers, short sleeve shirt and slippers this evening? It's only going to reach around 0 tonight and I want you to understand what a man in Siberia recently found himself dealing with.

I've learned two things:
1- Never go to Siberia
2- Always know which door goes 'in' rather than 'out'


Burrrrrr, bundle up, it's gonna be a cold one. Keep Albany Area weather handy here