Remember back in the day when Claudia Schiffer made us all want to run out and pick up a pair of Guess jeans?  Well she is at it again.

At 41 years old, super model Claudia Schiffer has still got it going on.  She is back at what made her famous, and that's making millions of us want to get into her Guess jeans.  As part of the company's 30th anniversary, she is recreating the magic of the original 1989 ads, she is doing a new ad campaign for the fashion company.  We are not complaining.

We are still totally baffled as to why she ever dated David Copperfield, but we guess (no pun intended) she's the type of girl who digs magicians.  Who knew.  We will forgive you for now Claudia, because we are too distracted by your super hotness.