After Charlie Brown showed Frosty what was up we now have two giant Christmas movies enter into our battle.  Elf, the new holiday favorite versus one of the all time classics, Christmas Vacation. Let the voting begin!

Two of SNL's all time funny men will fight it out in a battle of Christmas cheer!  Will Ferrell's Elf, versus Clark W. Griswold.  So who will come out on top of this one?  Many are probably thinking, "well Christmas Vacation obviously", but don't doubt the power of Elf.   People love Will Ferrell so this could give Vacation a run for it's money.  It would be considered quite the upset by some.

So which id your favorite?  The nutty yet confused Buddy the Elf, or the father and husband who just wants to spread a little Christmas spirit?  You'll have to do the deciding to see who moves on next by voting below!  Happy Holidays!