Say what you want about the Chinese and how they do things, but you can’t ever deny the amount of passion they have for Karaoke.

According to telegraph, a family in China gathered in their family noodle restaurant for some karaoke. When the restaurant owner’s 4 year old son started to hog the microphone a few of the family members grew angry and started to argue with his parents. Soon the argument grew so intense that the people started to get chopped up hibachi style (Which is strange because I’m pretty sure that’s a Japanese thing).

As a avid karaoke fan I can completely side with the dudes who got hacked up. Karaoke is about being entreating and listening to a four year old babble on into a microphone is anything but entreating. The top annoying things at karaoke are drunk girls who sing in a group and giggle more than they form words, cock rockers who take themselves way to serious, and people who are just way to good to be singing in a bar.

These dudes had every right to get upset and demand the brat stop. If I were in their situation I would decide the same fate. I would rather die defending the honor of entertaining karaoke then rather listen to some snot nosed kid pretend to be cute. Bottom line, don’t F with a Chinese man's karaoke.