They tried to make him go to rehab and he said, yes,yes,yes.  After being hospitalized for an apparent hernia, Charlie Sheen has voluntarily checked himself into rehab.

I had reported about a week ago that Charlie was back to his partying ways and it looks like things have really taken a downward spiral for him.  An ambulance rushed him to the hospital Thursday for a hernia (not a drug overdose) but shortly after the ambulance drove away someone showed up at Charlies door. A man with a designer brief case filled with a whole bunch of nose candy.

For now, while he's in rehab, his hit TV show Two and a Half Men will be on a break.  Hopefully he straightens himself out because Charlie was doing really well for a while.  After Denise Richards left him things seemed to have went down hill, and quick.  Remember back in October when the police found him naked at the Plaza Hotel drunk out of his mind?  That was after a night of hard partying with some porn stars.  This dude lives like a rock star, but unfortunately for him is on a show that middle America loves. No word on which rehab facility he as entered.  They are keeping that information private.  On the other hand I think that this calls for another VH1 reality show starring Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods and Jesse James.  We could call it, I Need To Get My Sh*t Together.