I know Charlie is making big bucks on his hit show Two And A Half Men, but is this latest report from TMZ it seems like he isn't even trying when picking up sleazy women.

Charlie Sheen has a reputation for having a a good time.  Maybe too good of a time.  For a little bit it seemed like he actually had his life together with then wife Denise Richards, until it came out that he had quite the porno habit.  So now we are back to the Charlie we have known and loved through out the years.

In his latest escapade, he was apparently checking out a well known website where you can find escorts in your area.  He really liked one named Ginger.  He tried to call her only to find that her phone had been disconnected.  This simply would not do.  Sheen picked up his iphone and decided to send her an email.  Now ladies, brace yourself because you are about to be swept off your feet with charm.

Ginger, U are fabulous!  I'm an A-list actor you mite like to meet....Ure fone is dead and out of service...

-Charlie Sheen (email sent from his iphone)

He would go on to include his phone number and sign it "xo cs".  Come on Charlie, is that the best you can do?  Who is he, Ron Burgundy?  "I'm kind of a big deal, people know me".  If you want to check out the actual iphone email head over to TMZ.