What's better than a badass biker!? Nothing, unless this biker is as hot as Charlie Hunnam. We really don't know Charlie as well as his character Jackson Teller or "Jax" that he plays on the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. So that's whyight my crush of the night is Charlie hunnam, so let get to know him.

His full name is Charles Matthew hunnam. He was born in Newcastle, England. Don't you just love accents! He now lives in the USA, Splitting his time between California and London. His birthday is April 10th 1980, ladies better start getting those birthday cards ready his birthday's right around the corner. He had his first acting debubt at the age of 16 for a guest apperance on the show Bryker Grove. He is divorced, he met his ex-wife Katharine Towne on a audition for Dawson's Creek. This 6ft 1" hunk of eye candy can be seen on FX this fall for season 5 of Sons of Anarchy.

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