Congrats to the Q103 Work Day Distraction Winners!
Congratulations to the winners of the Q103 Work Day Distraction!  Over the past two weeks, we have given away tickets to the NHRA New England Nationals, and tickets to go see Dead and Company at SPAC.  Each week, a great group of hard-workers won...
Always Know Which Luggage Is Yours
There is nothing worse than waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim and mistakenly picking up the wrong bag because it looks just like yours. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. A company has a very smart solution.
Get Ice Cream For Dogs At This Store
Who doesn't love an ice cream treat in the summer? Even our dogs do. But they have a problem digesting our kind of ice cream. Now there's a company that makes ice cream for dogs and it's only available for a limited time at a local grocery chain.
Weekly Retro Video Game Night Happening in Albany
Well I had no clue this was a thing in Albany.  But now I'm excited about it!
Scrolling through events for the summer, I stumbled upon 'Retro Video Game Night' posted on, happening every Thursday.  According to, it's hosted by The City Bee…
Woodstock 50 Chugs On, Planning a New Location
The 'Saga' of the Woodstock Anniversary Celebration continues...
At this point, it seems like the road to Woodstock 50 is like a squiggly line on an Etch-A-Sketch. I honestly thought it was going to be cancelled all together.  Yet the most recent news is that the festival chugs on, loo…
Don't Fill Up Yet - Gas Prices To Plummet
We all travel a ton in the summer and this year it may be a little bit cheaper to take that trip. If you can wait a little bit, don't fill up your gas tank just yet. Gas is going to get cheaper just in time for summer travel.

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