New Hot Dog Biergarten Coming to Clifton Park
Hot Dogs, sausages, and burgers, oh my!
A new gourmet food restaurant is coming to Clifton Park, and seriously, the menu I scoped out online looks delicious.  I read at the Times Union that the Dog Haus Biergarten, a California-based restaurant, is going to be opening a locat…
Experienced Bartenders Opening a New Spot in Albany
It sounds like the title of a 1990s movie:  Four bartenders and a manager.
Well, actually more like four bartenders and managers are getting together to create a new spot in downtown Albany.  The experienced service staff are coming together to open a new restaurant, according to the T…
Best Last Minute Super Bowl Snacks
It's a football filled Sunday!
The Super Bowl of course is today.  The Patriots are playing the Rams, if you're interested in that rivalry.  However, for a lot of people, the Super Bowl is about the experience- the beer, the snacks, the halftime show, and the ads...
Adirondack Brewery and DeCrescente Create Beer for Breast Cancer
Beer against breast cancer!
Adirondack Brewery and DeCrescente Distributing are doing some good and joining in on the fight against breast cancer.  For October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they teamed up to create "Hope Ale."
According to the Times Union, this is being served in over 100 …

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