I think I speak for my self and the rest of the world when I say finally! I mean who wasn’t sitting at home just staring at the wall desperately waiting to hear how things are with Casey Anthony?

Thank the lord Casey was not only found innocent, but also now she has a camera and computer so she can contain her rein of terror via cyber videos. Hurray! She may have been found innocent on the murder of her own daughter but I see her being charged very soon for attempting to bore me to death for the past 4 mins.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had something that I could call mine” – Casey Anthony

Really? Are you comparing your new computer to the life of your daughter? It’s also exciting you found your self a nice dog to spend your time with. That seems a little more appropriate for you then having a child. A dog is more your cup of tea. But I do have to ask the world one thing. What’s the over under on when we discover her dog dead and bound in duct tape.