Serious question here.

marion birdy

It's that time of year, St. Patrick's Day is upon us! The festivities are scheduled to pop off this weekend and I'm ready to do some celebrating!

This happens to be my first St. Patty's day in the Capital Region so I'm trying to get the lay of the land here and figure out exactly how Albany throws down. Although I, myself am not Irish I do enjoy celebrating the holiday ... if I'm being completely honest, you know I'll take any excuse to get out of the house and party with friends!

Now obviously, every city has different rules and regulations for such fun festivities so for the last few days I've been on a recon mission to to find out how Albany does St. Patrick's Day. Specifically if you are allowed to enjoy tasty libations while watching the parade.

At the beginning of the mission my conversations with locals became completely contradicting. Some would say that partaking in an adult beverage while spectating along the parade route was totally cool. Others were quick to tell a tale of some college students who couldn't hang and ruined the fun for everyone. Then there were some who didn't have a conclusive answer for me but said that basically, if you act like an adult and aren't a sloppy mess no ones is going to mess with you.

With all this word of mouth info I hit up the internet to try to get some clarification.While I'm still feeling a bit uncertain at what capacity, I did come across a report from news10 stating that "The city will again be enforcing open container laws." so, it would appear that we have been warned! Looks like we'll have to be responsible adults and maybe stick to the house party's and pub crawls to indulge.

I think this goes without saying but, if you have any credible sources that may state otherwise please send it my way!

And because I'm a good friend, I'm gonna throw the reminder out there to call a cab or use public transportation. I just read a report stating that police are really cracking down on people who drink and drive and will be out in full force this weekend and they're not kidding I saw like 5 people pulled over on my way to work this morning.

Now for the particulars ... The 66th Annual Albany St. Patrick's Day steps off at 2pm this Saturday March 12th starting on Central Ave at Quail St.

There's also the The North Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade that steps off at 11:30am and starts at the North Albany American Legion Post #1610.

If you want more info on a all of St. Pat's festivities you should probably click HERE.