Have you ever jumped out of an airplane for fun? If so then you know how exciting and amazing of an experience it is, let alone the adrenaline rush. I've done it and definitely can't wait to do it again. I cannot even fathom doing it as a senior citizen someday, but apparently I might be alone in this thinking. A California man recently celebrated his 100th birthday by skydiving- yes I'm serious! Read on for more info. 

Yesterday, 100-year-old Nebraska native Vernon Maynard expressed his desire to go skydiving for his birthday, one of the few things he had yet to do- so he went for it.

Vernon wasn't alone, however. Two of his great nephews made the 13,000 foot jump with him at the U.S. Parachute Association. They all jumped tandem, meaning they were attached to a trained professional the entire time.

Linda Hironimus, Vernon's daughter, arranged her father's present along with some of his friends after his doctor cleared him to skydive.

Luckily nothing went wrong, but if it had, what a way to go!

Have you ever skydived? Would you do it if you were Vernon's age?