Whenever a team wins a championship they get to visit the White House for a quick congratulations and photo opportunity with the President.  The Boston Bruins had that opportunity, but their goalie and MVP Tim Thomas decided to skip out because he is not happy with the politicians in this country.

Apparently Tim Thomas is pretty political, because he was not interested in going to the White House for the traditional visit with the President.  In fact, he told the Bruins GM months ago that he didn't want to go.  So why did Thomas decide to sit out on the opportunity?   He isn't happy with how the government is working right now.

He says that it has nothing to do with political parties, it's just how he feels.  That's a pretty smart answer, and not a bad reason for not wanting to go.  It's better than James Harrison's reasoning a few years back when the Steelers won the Super Bowl.  Harrison chose not to go because they would have invited the other team anyway if the Steelers had lost.  Good one James.