Alright sports fans, even if you’re not into hockey, you must have some appreciation for a game 7. And although the home team has won every game in this series, I think the Bruins will break the chain in Vancouver tonight.

 Everyone knows the Canucks are clearly the more talented team, but the B’s are simply tougher. Watch this video of game 6 where Brad Marchand punches Daniel Sedin 6 times in a row and Sedin does absolutely nothing. Sedin literally ‘takes it in the face’ and makes no attempt to stand up for himself. Although there is definitely some finesse involved in hockey, to me it’s a game that requires toughness. It’s where toughness equals hunger. And in almost any sport, the hungrier team usually wins. To top it off, even with each team winning 3 games (all on their home ice), Vancouver has barely pulled off each of their victories winning by just 1 goal in all 3 games. Meanwhile, the Bruins have pummeled the Canucks in their wins. With Luongo making arrogant comments about Tim Thomas (who has undeniably been the better goaltender), and the cheap shots done by Vancouver in this series, it’s incredibly easy to dislike them. Even if I wasn’t from New England, I would have to be cheering for Boston in this one. If you’re not into hockey, you may be saying “big deal” or “who cares”. But I say you grab some snacks and your favorite beverage and give it a shot tonight as it’s not that often you get to see a championship game 7. Hockey may have scores like soccer games, but it’s much more fun to watch as it’s 10 times faster. Go Bruins!