Love can make you do some pretty strange things - from the ridiculous love struck puppy love things to down right murder. A Bridgeport, CT woman is now facing some hard time thanks to her led foot and a dead boyfriend.

Cherelle Baldwin, 21, was detained on $1 million bail after a Tuesday arraignment. Cherelle is charged in connection to the death of her toddler's father Jeffrey Brown, 24.

According to police, Baldwin ran down and killed Brown on May 18th. Baldwin pinned Brown against a wall. The impact moved the wall, itself, back 10 inches due to Baldwin's vehicle traveling nearly 100 feet before impact. Police say there are no signs she ever attempted to hit the break. Brown was still pinned between the car and wall when police and fire fighters arrived.

Baldwin's family members are claiming that the two had a history of domestic violence, a claim that's Brown's family denies. Brown's cousin claims that Brown had chocked her with a belt prior to her getting in to her car and using it as a method to save her life.